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Protektorwerk Florenz Maisch GmbH& Co. KG

In 1903 the mechanical workshop Florenz Maisch was founded in Gaggenau.

The founder followed the signs of the times and out of this enterprise a small metalware factory with its own tool production developed within a few years.

60 years ago, the first PLASTER PROFILES under the tradename "PROTEKTOR" had been added to the delivery program.

Today the production range covers around 400 different types of PLASTER PROFILES and 100 different types of profiles for facing boards.

In its more than 100 years of existence the Maisch-Group has not only manufactured profiles, but constantly controlled, tested and researched. The aim is to develop new technologies and so introduce better building profiles in the market. The latest manufacturing methods backed by more than 500 employees guarantee short delivery times and constant high quality of the products.

They have their own Quality Control Laboratory which is supported by an independent acknowledged institute for permanent quality control.

You can also visit the official web site of Protektor for more information:

Putzmeister Moertelmaschinen