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Mortar Machine from Putzmeister

Piston Pumps
Putzmeister piston pump are your ideal machines for the toughest mortar application, such as conveying or plastering for difficult mortar, wet-spraying of concrete, etc. Despite their high performance, they are wear resistance and absolutely reliable.
Key machines include: P715 TD (BSA702D), P13.
Pneumatic Conveyor -- the Mixokret
Excellent solution for mixing and conveying of mortar, floor screed, fine concrete, bulk material, and even harsh mixes. Several different models are available to fulfill your different requirements.
The pneumatic conveyor "Mixokret" can convey material up to 200m or more distance. They are compact, powerful, durable, reliable, easy to maintain and operate.
Key machines include: M760, M710, M500, M700.
Mixer Pumps
Mixing pumps are the all-in-ones multipurpose machines for mixing, pumping and spraying any kind of premixed dry mortar. Suitable for all pumpable ready mixed dry mortar, bag materials and material from silo, such as interior or outside plasters or renders, self-leveling compounds, reinforcement mortars, etc.
Key machines include: MP25 Mixit.
Worm Pumps
No matter your application is conveying mortar/light concrete, plastering, self-leveling, fire-proofing or acoustic/noise reduction. They are absolutely your reliable partner for mixing, conveying and spraying material.
Key machines include: S5, SP11.


Piston Pump
P715 TD
P 13
Mixer Pump
MP 25 Mixit
Worm Pump