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Job Reference

The professional high pressure cleaners, pressure ranged from 150 bar to 1000bar, which are suitable for any kind of professional usage.
Remove paint from oil tank
Clean the concrete in construction joint and steel bar
Remove paint & rendering in sport stadium
Remove mortar and water proof layer in swimming pool
Cleaning and renew heavy equipments
Concrete demolition
The pneumatic conveyors, which are suitable for conveying many kind of materials, such as floor screed, dry sand, dry mortar, wet mortar, light concrete and even the concrete and water.
Conveying wet floor screed up to 150m height
Conveying floor screed with 10mm aggregates for railway station
Mixer Pump
The all-rounder spraying machines, which are suitable for spraying all kind of ready-mixed dry material.
Self-leveling in shopping mall
Piston Pump
The most powerful mortar and concrete conveyor, suitable for mixing, conveying and spraying mortar or concrete.
Conveying light concrete